One of my favorite newborn sessions EVER!! Madeline Rose is just perfect. She could not be MORE beautiful. She surprised us all when she arrived over 4 weeks EARLY!! IN FACT she arrived 2 days before her mommy’s maternity session!! She is one sneaky little girl.. but she was just ready to meet her family and I think I can speak for her SUPER proud new mommy and daddy when I say I think that they would take that sweet girl any day of the week she decided to come. :) I think she may have also been the smallest newborn I’ve had. She was so tiny with the most perfect little round face and sweet chubby newborn baby cheeks. She did AMAZING for her session.. in fact she slept better than any newborn I’ve ever had! She was a perfect little model. Just a few favorites from her newborn session– can’t wait to see how much she’s grown when I see her next!!! :)

  • Elise Ellexson: OH. MY. GOSH... She has to be the most beautiful baby i've ever seen!!! AMAZING job Tara, those parents should be so proud!!! :) (03.10.11, 01:06PM)
  • Erin Viator: Stunning!!! Love these so very much! She's just beautiful!!!!!!! :) (03.10.11, 03:21PM)
  • Karen: WOWWWW!!!!! Just gorgeous!!! (03.10.11, 04:50PM)
  • Carrie Wray: Love these! GREAT sessions!! I have been wanting to find a mailbox like that for forever. Lucky YOU! (03.10.11, 04:51PM)
  • Pam: PERFECT NEWBORN SESSION! Oh my gosh. You never cease to amaze me. I am obsessed with your work. WOW!!! (03.10.11, 07:09PM)
  • Reagan: seriously the most precious baby ever! such a sweet little family! awesome job! :) (03.10.11, 07:38PM)
  • Emily: BEAUTIFUL little girl and family. These are AMAZING!!!!!!!! (04.10.11, 03:37AM)
  • Jessica M.: Your pictures are amazing. I have to say, your top banner picture is one of my favorite maternity pictures I've seen yet! The colors are stunning. Great job :) (18.01.12, 04:15AM)
  • Mary T Clark: These are all SO fresh and pretty. All of these are so nice in every way! I found you through Pinterest.
    I have a couple large old mailboxes and I'm SO grateful to see a fun way to use them. Thank you so much. Your work is amazing! You are very talented. :] (19.03.12, 02:52AM)
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  • Dulce: Wow! I'm in love with all the pictures and the baby, what can I say she's gorgeous! Congratulations you do an amazing work. I really loved your puschair! (20.09.12, 12:08PM)
  • shonta mcalister: These pictures are so amazing!!!!
    I just love the out doors setting. There is nothing more beautiful than the outside settings for pictures!!!! (29.09.12, 05:04PM)
  • Tammy: I thought you might like to see these baby photos. There are some really cute ideas. (14.10.12, 04:11PM)
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