My favorite camera bag company (Epiphanie) contacted me last month about doing a giveaway with them and of course I jumped at the chance because they ROCK! I own 3 gorgeous Epiphanie bags myself.. my original Red Lola, a Grey Clover and the mustard Lyric! I think my next bag just might have to be THIS beauty. :) You can view the whole collection HERE.

I usually don’t like for the the attendee swag bags to be a surprise.. BUT I can’t help it.. 1 lucky lady at my September 2 day workshop will be walking away with an amazing Epiphanie camera bag as well!! WOO HOO!!


A few shots of my newest bag, Lyric. I’m pretty smitten with her!!

Here is an idea of what I can carry in my bags. I forgot to grab one of my trusty red Lola bag (which I was using at the time) but here is a shot of my Lyric and Clover with some of the equipment that I carry in them.

In my Lola bag:
Camera body
5 lenses
bottle of water
memory card wallet
lens cleaning cloths
cell phone

In my Clover bag:
Camera body
6 lenses
bottle of water
memory card wallet
lens cleaning cloths
cell phone

In my Lyric bag:
Camera body
4 lenses
bottle of water
memory card wallet
lens cleaning cloths
cell phone

NOW for the good stuff. Because of the technical issues we had with the blog post shortly after launching the giveaway. We have EXTENDED the giveaway for 6 extra days! The giveaway will END midnight (eastern time) on Sunday the 22nd. That means 6 MORE DAYS of chances to do the extra (optional) entries to give you THAT many more chances to win 1 of the AMAZING Epiphanie bags.

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  • kelly howard: I would also love the Mustard Lyric Bag!! Crossing my fingers! (02.07.12, 04:45AM)
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  • Kelly Hosch: I love Epiphanie bags and already have 2 myself.... But I've been dreaming about the Lyric in mustard to join the family! (02.07.12, 06:28AM)
  • Whitney: The lyric in mustard would be perfect! (02.07.12, 06:44AM)
  • Jennifer Gregg: I would love the Slate Blue Ginger bag! (02.07.12, 07:26AM)
  • Kristen Berry: The lyric in mustard is AMAZING! (02.07.12, 07:30AM)
  • cassandra: Definitely Ginger in Slate Blue!! :) (02.07.12, 08:13AM)
  • Tiffany Kampmann: I would love the lyric in Mustard as well! (02.07.12, 08:21AM)
  • Aryn Golden: I absolutely love the mustard lyric bag! (02.07.12, 08:50AM)
  • Bailey S.: All of these bags are adorable! I would love to win one! Great giveaway! (02.07.12, 08:57AM)
  • Jessica Martin: Clover or Lola in teal would be awesome!!! :) (02.07.12, 09:01AM)
  • kay: i concur, The lyric in mustard would be perfect!
    love that color! (02.07.12, 09:25AM)
  • Kayla Creamer: I've been wanting a Clover bag in Fuchsia for some time now! (02.07.12, 09:36AM)
  • Jennifer: Would love to win one of these camera bags! (02.07.12, 09:57AM)
  • Shani Baird: :) I would LOVE the Lyric in Plum!!! <3 (02.07.12, 10:49AM)
  • Tessa: The lola in black is pretty amazing! (02.07.12, 10:58AM)
  • Crystelle Carrick: I love the Lyric bag and would probably pick the plum since it doesn't come in pink. (02.07.12, 11:44AM)
  • karla-rae krekoski: I would pick the Pink Lola! <3 that bag SO much!
    Thank you :) (02.07.12, 12:08PM)
  • Karla-Rae Krekoski: I blogged about the giveaway (02.07.12, 12:16PM)
  • Jessie Quinn: I would love to win a mustard lyric!! (02.07.12, 12:23PM)
  • Lauren McGrath: i would just die to win the ginger in bisque! this is probably the 15th epiphanie giveaway i've entered, i'm just so in love!! (02.07.12, 12:34PM)
  • brittnee fisher: I would want the stella slate blue it is so pretty (02.07.12, 12:51PM)
  • Candy Kempsey: The Epiphanie "Lyric" is gorgeous!!! I love all the colors so that would be a tough decision!! (02.07.12, 12:57PM)
  • Theresa J: I would love to have the Ginger in caramel (02.07.12, 01:07PM)
  • Christine Sweet: i would love the belle bag in tangerine or teal! these are the most amazing camera bags i've ever seen and i'm dying to own one!! (02.07.12, 01:09PM)
  • Melissa S: Awesome giveaway! I love Epiphanie! I would love to have a bisque Ginger bag! (02.07.12, 01:34PM)
  • Lynette: I really like the Ginger but the Clover has caught my eye as well! (02.07.12, 01:39PM)
  • Meg P: the ginger in caramel...yes please! (02.07.12, 01:46PM)
  • stephanie bailey: I've had my eye on a Belle for some time now!! (02.07.12, 01:49PM)
  • Nicki Hudgens: That muted is gorgeous! Would love one of these chic bags to tote my equipment! (02.07.12, 03:18PM)
  • Kindra: Would love the Lyric in Mustard. It's a statement all of its own! (02.07.12, 04:21PM)
  • aimymichelle: ii would get a lyric bag in slate or a clover in teal. (02.07.12, 05:36PM)
  • Quyen: Love Lola in red (03.07.12, 02:10PM)
  • Tara Swain: TEST (03.07.12, 02:11PM)
  • Olga Dodic: Your bags are amazing. My fave today is Bella in fuchsia. (03.07.12, 02:13PM)
  • Shebli Huston: I have been dying for a clover bag for MONTHS! :) (03.07.12, 02:14PM)
  • Sheryl P.: This Lyric bag would be AWESOME!! I am amazed at how much can fit into to one of these beauties! (03.07.12, 02:14PM)
  • Ayako Jordan: I love Grey Stella! :) (03.07.12, 02:29PM)
  • Dejah: I'm not sure where the rules of the giveaway, but I came over from the Epiphanie FB page. I absolutely love the Ginger bag in caramel. (03.07.12, 02:37PM)
  • Katie O: I've been lusting after the Belle bag in Turquoise since the line first came out! (03.07.12, 02:54PM)
  • Astrid: Yep, Epiphanie rocks, I'll have the Mustard Lyric bag please :) (03.07.12, 02:54PM)
  • Chantelle Zenger: I totally want the lola in red! I am dying to own an epiphanie!! (03.07.12, 03:06PM)
  • Esther Chanie Dushinsky: I'd love a lola or belle. (03.07.12, 03:25PM)
  • Tasha Phillips: I would just LOVE the Belle in Tangerine! (03.07.12, 03:27PM)
  • Sarah Crespo: I would love a black Lola! (03.07.12, 03:33PM)
  • Kari Bradshaw: The Belle in Teal would be PERFECT! (03.07.12, 03:58PM)
  • Tessa Mahlow: lyric, probably in mustard (03.07.12, 04:07PM)
  • Jennifer Cashin: I would LOVE a Clover or a Lyric :) (03.07.12, 04:07PM)
  • Geraldyne: I love the Lola in Red! (03.07.12, 04:22PM)
  • Christy Peterson: I love the Stella in grey! (03.07.12, 04:23PM)
  • Sarah Voisey: I can't go past the Stella in plum! (03.07.12, 04:39PM)
  • Kelly W: Love these bags! That mustard color is awesome! (03.07.12, 04:47PM)
  • Ashley Robinson: I would love a red Lola! I've been doing a lot of extra work lately to justify earning myself one! (03.07.12, 05:01PM)
  • Jen Casper: Ive been drooling over Epiphanie bags for a while! I love the Lola in red! (03.07.12, 05:04PM)
  • Amrita: I love the Lyric in Mustard! (03.07.12, 05:09PM)
  • Jaclyn: Your bag makes me happy, I have been eying the mustard Lyric. Thanks. (03.07.12, 05:23PM)
  • Neeshia Albrecht: I'm drooling over the Fuchsia Clover! Fingers & Toes Crossed!! (03.07.12, 05:51PM)
  • Marie-Hélène Larocque: I LOVE the Lola in red!!! I so need a camera bag!! :D thanks for the contest!!! (03.07.12, 05:53PM)
  • Jolinne: Love Ginger in Caramel! (03.07.12, 05:54PM)
  • Wombatish: I'd adore to win an Epiphanie. Probably pick the Mustard Lyric myself as well! (03.07.12, 06:00PM)
  • Melissa: Love the lyric bag in mustard! (03.07.12, 06:15PM)
  • Camille M.: Please pick me in LOVE with the Belle :) (03.07.12, 06:27PM)
  • Emma: I too would love love love the mustard lyric! Beautiful!! Xo (03.07.12, 06:42PM)
  • M Haney: I love the Lyric in mustard - would go with / contrast nicely with my favorite outfits and would be a fantastic birthday gift to me from me! (03.07.12, 07:17PM)
  • Kerry: Love the slate blue! (03.07.12, 07:23PM)
  • Michelle: Absolutely adore the Lyric in Plum. Adore it. And welllll all of them :) (03.07.12, 07:25PM)
  • April Arndt: I would love to own Lyric in plum! This bag is awesome!! (03.07.12, 07:45PM)
  • Shay: The Lola or the Stella would be wonderful! (03.07.12, 08:47PM)
  • Kindra H.: Love the Lola in Teal! (03.07.12, 09:04PM)
  • Angelique Femat: Would LOVE the Lyric or Clover. Love that mustard color. It is pretty amazing! :) (03.07.12, 09:16PM)
  • tanmeet sethi: I want a lyric or ginger so badly!! (03.07.12, 09:50PM)
  • Carrie: I would love to win the Clover in Grey. (03.07.12, 09:53PM)
  • Carrie: I would love to win a Clover in Grey. :) (03.07.12, 09:54PM)
  • Emilia: I would love the stella or lyric in plum, love that color! (03.07.12, 09:58PM)
  • Tina McBrearty: I would love to own any of these stunning bags! I have my eye on Lola in teal! (03.07.12, 10:02PM)
  • Tammy Roberds: I would love an Epiphanie bag especially a mustard lyric bag. Amazing!!! (03.07.12, 10:32PM)
  • Jamie K: SOOOOOOO crossing my fingers. My Canon would love to sit in this bag; and I would love to carry it. :) I like the style of the Lyric (in any color). Thanks for the chance to win. (03.07.12, 11:09PM)
  • Christa Irell: Though it's nearly impossible to choose, my two favourites are the Clover in red, and the Lyric in plum. These are just gorgeous bags- thanks for the chance to win one! (03.07.12, 11:15PM)
  • Mindy Sue: I dont have one yet...But I've sure been dreaming about one and have been entering every giveaway so that I can finally own my first epiphanie. Dreaming the dream. (03.07.12, 11:41PM)
  • Charissa: I'd love to win the slate blue ginger bag! (03.07.12, 11:48PM)
  • Mindy Sue: I would love to win an epiphanie. I've been dreaming and hoping to win one of theses. It's on my wish list and I try to enter any giveaway possible. Thanks for doing this. (03.07.12, 11:50PM)
  • Francine: Wow! I love that colour! I think any bag in that mustard would be perfection! (04.07.12, 04:14AM)
  • Leticia Vasquez: I have been wanting the Clover in grey for ever! (04.07.12, 04:20AM)
  • Suzy enns: I can only imagine owning such a beauty! What an amazing giveaway! (04.07.12, 07:44AM)
  • Vernell: I love them all and have a couple on my wish list. The Lyric is awesome and I love that mustard color. (04.07.12, 08:16AM)
  • Chrissy: I love Clover in Fuchsia! (04.07.12, 08:56AM)
  • Kelli: I'd love, love, love a Red Lola! (04.07.12, 09:14AM)
  • Jana: Your photo's are beautiful! You are so creative and imaginitive, I love them. I also love Epiphanie bags! I don't have one, yet. I sure would love to win one. I especially like the Lyric and the Ginger. My 2 faves. (04.07.12, 09:54AM)
  • Betty Baez: stella in grey (04.07.12, 10:06AM)
  • Maristella: I like the Clover in black. (04.07.12, 10:24AM)
  • Sarah Mazza: Thanks for the giveaway! Would love the Ginger in Caramel or the Clover in Black...of course, that's today...;) (04.07.12, 12:05PM)
  • Sarah Mazza: Awesome giveaway! I love the Ginger in Caramel and the Clover in Black...of course that's today...;) (04.07.12, 12:07PM)
  • Gianna Caruso: I LOVE the Lyric bag!! (04.07.12, 01:28PM)
  • Regina R: The Lyric in mustard and slate blue are both amazing! :) (04.07.12, 01:35PM)
  • Andrea Read: I have been drooling over the slate blue Lyric bag for a while. Sure would be nice to win one. (04.07.12, 02:17PM)
  • Kate: They are all gorgeous but I love the Lyric in Mustard as well! (04.07.12, 02:35PM)
  • Stacey Wojciechowski: What an awesome giveaway! My favorite is the clover bag in either black or teal! I would really love to win a bag! (04.07.12, 04:40PM)
  • Theresa Spitzer: I am crushing soooo hard on the Clover in teal. Like seeing it in my dreams kind of crushing. Would shout out loud if I won, and wouldn't care who heard!! :) (04.07.12, 05:15PM)
  • Stacey Wojciechowski: I am not seeing my comment, so I will try again. What an amazing giveaway! I love Epiphanie bags and my favorite one is the clover in either black or teal! I would love to win one in this giveaway!!! (04.07.12, 05:21PM)
  • Carolina Weick: Bisque Ginger! I'm currently using an insulated lunch box. boo. (05.07.12, 10:19AM)
  • Heather Armijo: Love all of the bags! The belle is my favorite! Thank you so much! (05.07.12, 10:58AM)
  • Renee Salmen: The pink Lola would look great on my shoulder as it kept my Canon T2i safely cacooned between shots:) (05.07.12, 11:13AM)
  • Jennifer: I would get a Clover in Camel! (05.07.12, 11:16AM)
  • LIANA B.: Mustard Lyric Bag looks so cool ! :) I love it.. :) (05.07.12, 11:38AM)
  • Erika W: I would LOVE a Belle in Teal or Tangerine, or Ginger in Slate Blue. Thank you :) (05.07.12, 12:24PM)
  • Vanessa Astudillo: If I won, I'd pick the Stella in Plum. :) (05.07.12, 12:37PM)
  • Albert Forsey: I'd pick the pink Lola as a gift to my girlfriend! (05.07.12, 02:58PM)
  • Sandra McKinnon: I'd pick a pink Lola! (05.07.12, 03:02PM)
  • Olga Dodic: Ginger in Slate Blue is the best. (05.07.12, 03:36PM)
  • Kendra: I love epiphanie bags! I would love to own the Lyric in mustard or the Clover in teal. (05.07.12, 05:18PM)
  • Samantha: I would love the Lyric messenger bag in Plum! (05.07.12, 05:42PM)
  • A Few Of My Favourite Things | Through My Looking Glass: [...] via Epiphanie on [...] (05.07.12, 06:02PM)
  • susan R: I would love to win the Ginger in Slate Blue! (05.07.12, 08:05PM)
  • Melissa Ter Meer: I would LOVE to win that mustard amazingness to carry my baby i didn't birth in! <3 (05.07.12, 10:00PM)
  • sarah: i like the lola in red (05.07.12, 10:01PM)
  • Ellen Huynh: I absolutely love the Plum Lyric!!! Top choice!! (05.07.12, 10:07PM)
  • TeJota: If I won, I would choose the Clover in grey. Good luck to everyone! (05.07.12, 11:35PM)
  • TeJota: As per instructions here is my comment about the blog post I did mention the Tara Swain, Epiphanie bag giveaway. Here is the link to the blog post: (06.07.12, 12:11AM)
  • Jamie: I am quite in love with the Clover bag in fuchsia (06.07.12, 09:13AM)
  • Margo W: I have been trying to leave a comment. Hope this works now. I would love any of the Epiphanie bags but slate blue is beautiful in Ginger. (06.07.12, 09:59AM)
  • Megan Bryant: I love the bags! Def want a Ginger!! (06.07.12, 10:08AM)
  • Megan Bryant: Blogged!! (06.07.12, 10:18AM)
  • Nicole: So difficult to decide which I'd pick, but I might be willing to settle for the grey Clover bag! (06.07.12, 10:30AM)
  • Melissa Palmer: I would choose the Belle in tangerine. Love it!!
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com (06.07.12, 11:02AM)
  • Christina Burke: I am so in love with the pink Lola!! (06.07.12, 12:07PM)
  • Alisha Siddoway: Any of them, I love them all, but I think Lola is my favorite. (06.07.12, 01:14PM)
  • Jana: I love the Stella in Grey. I would really love to win this giveaway! Thank you for hosting it.
    Oh, and I really love your pictures! (06.07.12, 01:26PM)
  • Lael: I would love the gray Clover bag!! :) (06.07.12, 01:44PM)
  • Kaara Baca: These are the MOST ADORABLE BAGS EVER!! How could anyone choose just one?!? (06.07.12, 02:58PM)
  • Christin: The Lyric in Plum is my favorite (06.07.12, 03:52PM)
  • Christin: I would love an Epiphanie bag. My favorite is Lyric in plum. I shared this contest on my blog (06.07.12, 04:55PM)
  • Olga Dodic: I fell in love with Clover in red. (06.07.12, 10:01PM)
  • Grace Mitton: I love the Lola bag. it's super cute! Thanks for the giveaway. (07.07.12, 12:23AM)
  • Lisa: oh my god! I would looooove to win the plum lyric bag! (07.07.12, 03:26AM)
  • chelsey rouse: Would love the mustard lyric! :) (07.07.12, 09:44AM)
  • Britney B: Love love love these!!! (07.07.12, 12:48PM)
  • Katrina P: Love the lyric bag!! (07.07.12, 01:59PM)
  • Olga Dodic: I fell in love with Belle in Fuchsia. (07.07.12, 02:41PM)
  • Linda M: I love all of the Epiphanie bags and just can't decide which one I like best. I am leaning towards the Ginger. (07.07.12, 06:53PM)
  • natalie mckee: Totally been wanting an epiphanie bag forever!!!! (07.07.12, 09:17PM)
  • Jessica Allred: So hard to choose! I think I like the Pink Lola! (08.07.12, 12:50AM)
  • Loie: Great Camera Bag Giveaway... I love my Lyric, but would love a Lola in red!
    Tara Swain Photography is giving away an Epiphanie bag of your choice! Enter today! (08.07.12, 06:04AM)
  • Olga Dodic: thank you for this great giveaway. I love Clover in Red. (08.07.12, 11:43AM)
  • Lori Peterson: The mustard Lyric is my fave. Love it! (08.07.12, 01:22PM)
  • Samantha: I've been wishing for the Plum Lyric bag! (08.07.12, 01:37PM)
  • Jennifer Fredericks: I LOVE the Lola in all colors, all of them!! I'll have a hard time choosing which color if I win but somehow I'll manage! :) thanks for the chance! (08.07.12, 02:30PM)
  • Amy McClure: Oh, am loving these bags and cannot decide which one is my favorite!

    Ginger in Caramel at the moment... (08.07.12, 06:29PM)
  • kari heald: Love Pink Stella! No Idea how you fit all of that in your Lola. Please blog a picture so I can try with mine. I can only fit my camera body, 3 lenses and a flash, but I can't zip it up. :( (08.07.12, 10:58PM)
  • kari heald: I blogged about your contest here! (08.07.12, 11:02PM)
  • Olga Dodic: I fell in love with the Clover in Red. (09.07.12, 01:18PM)
  • Dez: Tara, smitten you say?! Your amazing photos and gear review have me singing the praises of the mustard lyric too. Thanks for the opportunity! (09.07.12, 03:24PM)
  • Jenna Schaefer: If I were to win this amazing giveaway, I would LOVE to have either the Lyric in Mustard or Stella in Grey. (09.07.12, 04:41PM)
  • Susan: Wow! Gorgeous! (09.07.12, 04:42PM)
  • Jordan: I love the Lyric in mustard! (09.07.12, 04:46PM)
  • Shanna Uptergrove: Would love ANY of the Stellas!! (09.07.12, 04:50PM)
  • Amy Foltz: I'd pick Lyric in Mustard...I LOVE yellow! (09.07.12, 04:57PM)
  • Amy Foltz: I'd pick the lyric in mustard. I love yellow! (09.07.12, 04:58PM)
  • Lauren Martin with K & K Designs: I would love love love this bag! (09.07.12, 04:58PM)
  • stephanie: That is the exact bag I have been wanting for months!!!! (09.07.12, 05:00PM)
  • Trish: I'd pick Stella in Plum or Belle in Pink.... (09.07.12, 05:10PM)
  • Tracy Waldrop: I would also love the mustard LYRIC _- I love this color (09.07.12, 05:14PM)
  • Sara K: I'd pick the Belle in teal or fuschia. (09.07.12, 06:12PM)
  • Amber Fox: Oh my goodness. I would LOVE the mustard yellow Lyric Bag. My branding is mustard yellow and light brown and this would just look perfect alongside it. The bag is so swanky, stylish and super practical. I think the thing that I love most about the bag is that it can hold my camera body and lenses, which currently I don't have that option with the bag I have now. And the leather looks so luxurious. This would be a great thing to win right now, as I am VERY pregnant with twins and need some luxury right now. :) (09.07.12, 06:23PM)
  • Karen Bennett: The lola in teal! (09.07.12, 06:49PM)
  • Caren: Im in love with them all I cant just pick one color over the other. They are all great. (09.07.12, 06:56PM)
  • Whitney J.: I really love the Ginger, but Lyric is calling me also! :) (09.07.12, 07:24PM)
  • Jacqueline C: I would love the mustard yellow lyric. (09.07.12, 07:33PM)
  • Amber Fox: I would LOVE to win a fabulous camera bag! I even blogged about it @ (09.07.12, 08:49PM)
  • Ashley Davis: Would love to have one of these bags for my camera! (09.07.12, 09:06PM)
  • Amanda Walker Fleming: I would love the Lola in Teal or the Ginger in Bisque! (09.07.12, 09:58PM)
  • Amanda Olson-Laurette: Although I do adore mustard... I think I'd go with the STELLA in Gray. :) (09.07.12, 11:12PM)
  • LinhC: I would get the Love the Lola in red. (10.07.12, 12:40AM)
  • Amy H.: I would love the GINGER in Caramel! (10.07.12, 08:58AM)
  • alicia hoang: I would love the lola in hot pink or the stella in grey! (10.07.12, 11:43AM)
  • Trena E: So in love with the lyric in mustard <3 (10.07.12, 11:44AM)
  • Nikki Johnson: What an awesome giveaway! I would LOVE the mustard lyric! Congrats on your success! (10.07.12, 11:44AM)
  • Aurora: If I win I would love the Lyric in Mustard. (10.07.12, 11:44AM)
  • Liz Garland: I ***LOVE*** the clover in teal, my most favorite! (10.07.12, 11:44AM)
  • Erin Duke: I would die for a Lola bag in hot pink!! But seriously, it'd be tough to choose! They are all awesome! :) (10.07.12, 11:46AM)
  • Leerobertsphoto: I already own the Stella in pink and LOVE her so so much!! I've been eyeing the lyric in plum for quite a while now though! :) (10.07.12, 11:47AM)
  • Dawnica: I would love the Lyric in brown. Her bags are amazing! (10.07.12, 11:48AM)
  • Athena: I love love Epiphanie bags! So beautiful! Thanks for the chance, Athena. (10.07.12, 11:49AM)
  • Cindy Davis: My fingers are crossed for the pink Lola! (10.07.12, 11:49AM)
  • Sarah: I love them all! How can I pick just one! ;) (10.07.12, 11:50AM)
  • Cathy Y.: I would love the Lola or the Lyric...any color would do! (10.07.12, 11:50AM)
  • melanie reyes: I just love the lyric - not sure I'd go for mustard, i'm more of a greys/neutral kind of gal but I love the size/shape and details! (10.07.12, 11:50AM)
  • Madison A: Would LOVE To win a red Lola! (10.07.12, 11:50AM)
  • Rikki Westfall: Would LOVE the lola in black <3 (10.07.12, 11:51AM)
  • Stef: I would love to have the pink Stella! (10.07.12, 11:52AM)
  • Meredith: I love the Ginger in camel! (10.07.12, 11:52AM)
  • rachel V: Love these bags! My favorites are Clover any Lyric (10.07.12, 11:55AM)
  • Tamara Kelly-Beckett: I soooo want a Lola in that bright pink! (10.07.12, 11:57AM)
  • Angela: I would love to have the Lyric bag. It's so pretty! (10.07.12, 11:57AM)
  • Christi B.: Clover in fuschia, or maybe Ginger in Caramel! Honestly, they are all practical, beautiful bags and I would be happy with ANY! (10.07.12, 11:58AM)
  • Jana Christensen: Oh I would love this!!?, (10.07.12, 11:58AM)
  • Meredith: I would love to win the blue Ginger bag! (10.07.12, 11:59AM)
  • Kelsey Cutler: Red Lola for sure!!! (10.07.12, 12:01PM)
  • jaclyn: I love your mustard Lyric that's the one I want too. (10.07.12, 12:02PM)
  • Emily Pilmore: Hard choice but probably the Lyric! (10.07.12, 12:06PM)
  • Amanda: I own a Lola, too! I love it! I would a Lyric! <3 (10.07.12, 12:07PM)
  • Amanda: I liked you on facebook... (10.07.12, 12:08PM)
  • Joanna Boyes: I adore the new Ginger bags, particularly the deep brown one :-) (10.07.12, 12:09PM)
  • kim: love the fuchsia belle! (10.07.12, 12:14PM)
  • Ashley Pendleton: I ADORE the Lyric bag in plum. The name, the color, the style = perfection! (10.07.12, 12:15PM)
  • Alexandra Wallace: Still keeping my fingers crossed for a caramel ginger! :)
    -AW (10.07.12, 12:15PM)
  • Marlene Guild: I'd love to win!! (10.07.12, 12:19PM)
  • Jessica @ The Paper Plume: I LOVE the Ginger bag in Carmel!! (10.07.12, 12:23PM)
  • Laura Royal: I love Belle in fuchsia! (10.07.12, 12:25PM)
  • Megan Brown: So hard to choose. Epiphanie bags are so pretty. (10.07.12, 12:25PM)
  • Deanie: I have 2 Epiphanie bags and would love to add to my collection. (10.07.12, 12:34PM)
  • Becky: I just bought the grey Stella that I love, but I would love to give one to my sister! (10.07.12, 12:42PM)
  • Sonal: I love the Epiphanie bags. I'm not sure which I would choose... one roomy enough for a camera + school notebooks. (10.07.12, 12:45PM)
  • Gina H.: I love the mustard lyric! (10.07.12, 12:46PM)
  • Katie Eberling: I need a Lola! (10.07.12, 12:56PM)
  • Shannon: Thank for this opportunity! (10.07.12, 01:01PM)
  • Shannon: Thank you for this opportunity! I love Epiphanie bags they are gorgeous! (10.07.12, 01:03PM)
  • Christine: the mustard lyric is a beauty! I not only want her... I need her! (10.07.12, 01:04PM)
  • Michelle Adams: I have a Belle in Teal and I adore it!!! I would love to add a Ginger in the mix!!!! Thanks so much for the chance! (10.07.12, 01:09PM)
  • Donna: Belle, Stella, clover...
    I can't decide! But I hope to get forced to by winning your giveaway (10.07.12, 01:10PM)
  • Tasha: LOVE these bags !! I am so glad you shared a picture of the 70-200L and that it will FIT ! I was concerned about the size ~ The Lyric in Mustard looks AMAZING! (10.07.12, 01:12PM)
  • Kristin Yoder: I have my heart set on owning Lola in either red or teal. I would just LOVE to win one! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! (10.07.12, 01:16PM)
  • Ashley R.: I love the Lola in red!! (10.07.12, 01:28PM)
  • stacie youngblood: the lyric for me please!!! (10.07.12, 01:30PM)
  • Lindsay Burrows: I already own the Lyric in Plum and love it for running around town and travelling in style with my camera. I have decided however that I would like a larger bag (more of a tote size) for travelling with on the plane; enough space for my camera and accessories, but also enough room for my carry-on items required for a comfortable flight. The Clover bag is the ideal size but I'm torn on which colour...Grey, Camel or Teal all make the cut! (10.07.12, 01:41PM)
  • natalia walth: Would love a clover bag! (10.07.12, 01:43PM)
  • Jaime: I love this line of camera bag. I would love to own the lola or lyric in teal. (10.07.12, 02:01PM)
  • Rachel Mazzaferro: the first bag I hope to buy is Belle in Fuchsia so I think I'd choose that if it was in stock. (10.07.12, 02:28PM)
  • sandyandcosmo: I would choose the Lyric bag in mustard. (10.07.12, 02:28PM)
  • Stephanie Hanes: I am loving the Lola bag in Rose! (10.07.12, 02:42PM)
  • Lynn Cooper: Wow....I have been eyeing these Lovely bags for awhile now! I always end up staring at the Lola bag in black but recently became a fan of the Clover in teal!!! However, everytime I think about ordering one something ALWAYS comes up (with three kiddos how could something not come up) and I end up just being a window.screen! Good luck to all of the ladies out there :) (10.07.12, 02:48PM)
  • Katherine Bernau: I would definitely pick the teal Lola! It's the perfect size and SO adorable! Please pick me!! (10.07.12, 02:54PM)
  • Kelly M: Love the stella in plum! (10.07.12, 02:54PM)
  • Katherine Bernau: I blogged about you!

    Hope i win! (10.07.12, 03:04PM)
  • Paula Ward: I would love to win a Epiphanie bag! I love the belle or stella :)* thanks for the contest, hope to win! (10.07.12, 03:04PM)
  • Cheri: I would take any or all of the bags they offer. But if I had to choose, I would choose the Lyric in plum. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for doing this
    Cheri (10.07.12, 03:35PM)
  • Jen Casper: If I could own any one of them, it would be Lola in red. :) (10.07.12, 03:39PM)
  • Heather Testa: I would love to have to lola in pink! (10.07.12, 03:41PM)
  • jasmin: I love the blog! your photos are amazing!
    The clover is amazing to have i would love tat one if not the stella . in any color! (10.07.12, 03:53PM)
  • Courtney Cyr: Your list of the items you can carry in each bag is so very helpful! I was having trouble deciding which one would be the most practical and now I'm just deciding between the Lola in teal (my favorite) or the slightly larger (and thus, slightly more practical) Clover in teal. Awesome giveaway--thanks! (10.07.12, 04:33PM)
  • Stephanie Congdon: My style is fairly conservative & traditional. My preference would be the Clover or Lola in black. HOWEVER, I'd be happy to have ANY of them since I recently acquired my third lens & I'm looking to get a flash to add to my collection as well as upgrade my camera. :D (10.07.12, 05:12PM)
  • Jolinne: Love the Ginger in Caramel! (10.07.12, 05:19PM)
  • ali deck photography: LOVE epiphanie and your work! ;) (10.07.12, 05:36PM)
  • Heather Jenkins: I love the ginger in slate blue! (10.07.12, 05:39PM)
  • Louise: I LOVE the mustard lyric! What a vibrant colour <3 (10.07.12, 05:49PM)
  • Olga Dodic: I would love to win Ginger in Slate Blue. Thank you for offering this giveaway. Great blog. (10.07.12, 06:27PM)
  • Margaret Jow: my favorite is the belle! (10.07.12, 07:35PM)
  • Lori Trost: I love these bags and would have to decide between the red Lola, brown ginger, or grey Stella! :) Thanks for the chance! (10.07.12, 07:42PM)
  • Catherine Heyres: Ooh, I want the Lyric bag, in all the colors!!! (10.07.12, 07:49PM)
  • Krista Campbell Photography: I'd love a red Lola bag! Thanks so much for the giveaway! (10.07.12, 11:23PM)
  • Lauren Warren: Love love the Stella or Clover! (10.07.12, 11:28PM)
  • collin warren: Stella is my fav!!! thank you (10.07.12, 11:34PM)
  • sandra fontana: Such a fan of the stella! also its my granddaughters name! huge plus! (10.07.12, 11:39PM)
  • Cassie: Gorgeous bag! Love fun things for my camera! (11.07.12, 12:00AM)
  • Pamela: oooo, good luck everybody. If there's a spare Lyric in Mustard I'd lurve one!!! (11.07.12, 12:41AM)
  • Katelyn Maish: I would love to own a either a Grey clover or Lola in teal!! (11.07.12, 09:52AM)
  • Lauren Weissert: I would LOVE to win the Pink Stella bag!!! :)) (11.07.12, 09:55AM)
  • Linda Bell: I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the Lola bag! It's so cute and stylish. (11.07.12, 12:51PM)
  • Ryan H: Torn between the Belle in teal and the Ginger in Bisque!! Really love these bags- one will be on my Christmas list for sure! (11.07.12, 03:04PM)
  • Chantelle Zenger: i LOVE the Red lola :) (11.07.12, 05:49PM)
  • Ang Alford: I think the lola , not sure love all of them (11.07.12, 09:03PM)
  • Misty: I need to get a bag quick! Cant decide between the Lyric, Ginger or Belle! Help anyone??? (12.07.12, 04:10PM)
  • Dusica Paripovic: I love Stella in plum! (12.07.12, 04:49PM)
  • Leilani: I love all their bags, but the Lyric is fast becoming my favorite! (12.07.12, 06:33PM)
  • Ally White: I am in need of a new bag and this one is gorgeous! I've been looking at Epiphanie Bags for a while now and i'm dying to get my hands on one. Lyric in mustard....heaven!! :) (13.07.12, 10:54AM)
  • Olga Dodic: I wish it were Aug 22. I'm excited. I would choose Clover in Red. (13.07.12, 12:47PM)
  • Gwynne: I'd choose the Lyric bag, probably in mustard! (13.07.12, 05:20PM)
  • Jennifer: My husband is a photographer and has been looking around for a new bag. I just love your bags and would love to surprise him with one if I won!! (13.07.12, 05:23PM)
  • Megan: I would LOVE the Ginger in caramel! (13.07.12, 05:59PM)
  • Victoria McDaniel: I, too, own three Epiphanie bags: a red Lola, a black Paris and a Ginger in bisque! I would love to win to give one to my niece who is an aspiring photographer... I would go for another Lola, in TEAL! (13.07.12, 06:52PM)
  • mary: My teal Belle and caramel Ginger want a new friend... I'm thinking maybe a slate blue Ginger?? (13.07.12, 06:52PM)
  • Stephanie Brocious: Nice giveaway! I've been swooning over these bags for years but could never afford one. (13.07.12, 07:25PM)
  • Melanie: The clover in any color! (13.07.12, 07:28PM)
  • Angoisse Winkle: Have a mustard lyric but would LOVE another style and color; thanks for the contest and all the gorgeous shots of the bags! (13.07.12, 07:59PM)
  • Carmen: I would love to have GINGER - Caramel (13.07.12, 09:03PM)
  • Melanie: OMGOOOOSH! Funny, I have been eyeing the Lyric bag in Mustard too! You have great taste girl! Thank you so much for the chance, & i heart your photography. (13.07.12, 11:59PM)
  • Melanie: Hi Tara! I mentioned your RAD giveaway on my blog tonight!! SO excited...! (14.07.12, 12:07AM)
  • Heather T.: Wow - decisions, decisions! I love the look of them all, but I think that the teal Lola would be at the top of my list! :) (14.07.12, 12:12AM)
  • Alice Lorenzini: I love the Lola Black or the Lyric Blue! (14.07.12, 02:59AM)
  • MG Atwood: I would love to have lyric or lola (14.07.12, 09:19AM)
  • Daria Mochan: Love them all, but I think your new one, the Lyric in Mustard calls my name! (14.07.12, 09:22AM)
  • Daria Mochan: I blogged about your giveaway here! (14.07.12, 09:34AM)
  • robin wittman: I would love the Blue Ginger! (14.07.12, 09:42AM)
  • Epiphanie Bag Give Away! « Dancing Tree Blog: [...] Tara Swain photography is giving away an Epiphanie bag of your choice! MUCH more stylish then my black backpack, lol.  Head on over and check out the giveaway! [...] (14.07.12, 10:35AM)
  • Shannon Pate: I would LOVE to have the brown Lyric bag!! (14.07.12, 11:11AM)
  • Christine Cowen: I would love the Stella in Plum. Love Epiphanie bags. (14.07.12, 12:39PM)
  • Hillery: I would LOVE to win a Clover in Gray!! (14.07.12, 03:01PM)
  • Lena: Love all of the bags! Would have a hard time choosing! (14.07.12, 03:27PM)
  • Shannon Skypek: I love the Clover in teal! (14.07.12, 06:24PM)
  • Shannon Skypek: Blogged it here: (14.07.12, 06:29PM)
  • Leticia W: I love the Clover-teal and the Ginger-slate blue (14.07.12, 06:47PM)
  • caitlin harper: love the lyric in mustard! (14.07.12, 10:16PM)
  • Lacey: Definitely the Clover in teal! Matches my branding and perfect for travel! (15.07.12, 04:57AM)
  • Alice Doig: Beautiful bags!! I Want them all! But if i have to choose then the Lyric In Mustard :) (15.07.12, 08:39AM)
  • Stephanny: Such a tough choice!! I'm torn between a Lyric and a Lola...Lyric it is! In mustard!! (15.07.12, 12:24PM)
  • Adele: A caramel Ginger please! :) (15.07.12, 01:18PM)
  • Michelle: I just received my Ginger bag in Caramel and absolutely love it! Would love to have another bag to be able to carry my iPad as well! (15.07.12, 03:48PM)
  • Elizabeth B.: I would adore Clover in fucia or whatever color lands in my hand! lol To be honest, all the Epiphanie bags are amazing! (15.07.12, 06:02PM)
  • Danielle: If I won, I would definitely pick the lyric -- probably mustard, possibly plum! tough choice! thank you! (15.07.12, 06:23PM)
  • Kristina: I just saw thehoulder bag Epiphanie Bags in a mag and I would love one for weddings! It looks so much more accessible than my shoulder now!! Finger Crossed!!! (15.07.12, 06:26PM)
  • Nicole: I love the Belle in teal :) (15.07.12, 06:48PM)
  • Alison: The Lola in red is my favorite, but this could change with the new bags being announced soon. (15.07.12, 08:28PM)
  • Jennifer Holljr: Ahh I would love love love one of these bags!!! (15.07.12, 08:59PM)
  • Amy Bollman: If I won, I would have to choose the Clover in teal! I love them all though! (15.07.12, 09:20PM)
  • Nicole: Love these bags! Have my eye on a couple f the new ones being released. (15.07.12, 09:42PM)
  • Sarah Cass: I've wanted a Lola for a long Teal! (15.07.12, 10:35PM)
  • Tomoko: Thanks for the amazing giveaway op! Also, it was helpful for you to share just how many lenses fit into these bags. Having one of these bags would be such a big help - I'm constantly struggling with carrying around two bags or trying to cram everything into my Nat Geo camera bag (neither is ideal). My fav is the Ginger Caramel - really glad it has its own cross-body strap. (16.07.12, 12:30AM)
  • Linda M: I love Epiphanie bags. They are just beautiful. I think that I would chose the Belle in teal. (16.07.12, 05:29AM)
  • Tomoko: I wrote about the giveaway on my blog! See it here:

    Thanks again for the great opportunity :) (16.07.12, 07:21AM)
  • Jill: Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize!! Can't decide between the grey Stella or the brown Lyric! Too many great options! :D (16.07.12, 09:07AM)
  • Christina: They all look fabulous!!! (16.07.12, 10:30AM)
  • Katie S.: I love the Lola bag! Having a hard time chosing my favorite color though...I love them all! (16.07.12, 11:59AM)
  • Monica Caughlin: I would LOVE a lyric bag in pretty!! (16.07.12, 11:59AM)
  • Yvette: Love the camera bag! So stylish, yet functional. (16.07.12, 12:00PM)
  • Brooke Ann: Love these bags! (16.07.12, 12:04PM)
  • Bjorna: I would love the brown Lyric bag!! (16.07.12, 12:06PM)
  • Holly Sparks: It's a really tough choice for me! It'd be between the Clover grey or Lyric mustard or brown! (16.07.12, 12:31PM)
  • Amy Baxter: I love, love, love the Mustard Lyric! I don't own one of these bags but hope this is my chance to!!! Thanks for introducing me to these Tara! (16.07.12, 12:34PM)
  • Holly Sparks:

    Leaving a link to my blog entry! (16.07.12, 12:37PM)
  • Audrie Bush: I absolutely love them all!! I would LOVE LOVE to win one of these gorgeous camera bag!! (16.07.12, 02:02PM)
  • Ashley Davis: Hope I win the bag! (16.07.12, 02:31PM)
  • Nicki Hudgens: LOVE these bags!! That mustard lyric is to die for! (16.07.12, 02:46PM)
  • Sue Bewick: I have never seen such beautiful yet useful bags! I would love to own a BELLE - in Teal. (16.07.12, 03:42PM)
  • amanda onstott: love my belle bag...would love to start a collection ;) the lyric is gorgeous! (16.07.12, 04:00PM)
  • Ashley R.: I love love love the Lyric in Mustard. It's been a die hard favorite of mine since I first saw it. (16.07.12, 04:04PM)
  • Brittany Faulkner: Wowsers, I loveee the Lola in Bubble Gum<3 (16.07.12, 04:06PM)
  • Torri M: I am loving the ginger in grey! (16.07.12, 04:20PM)
  • Emily: I love that black one in your one picture. :) (16.07.12, 07:15PM)
  • Heather Shelton: Love love love the Ginger bag in Slate blue, (or a red lola too)!!! (16.07.12, 09:18PM)
  • Jennifer Stoehr: I DESPERATELY need a new camera bag, this color is gorgeous and would be perfect!! (16.07.12, 10:35PM)
  • Jennifer Stoehr: Blogged! (16.07.12, 10:46PM)
  • Jaime Herring: I would love to win clover in grey but would be so lucky to win any of these wonderful bags!!! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you. I like both pages (16.07.12, 11:01PM)
  • Heidi Shaw: I would soooo love the mustard Lyric bag...really in need of a new bag for my 7D too (17.07.12, 12:35AM)
  • Georgina Vinas: I love the Lola in Red! (17.07.12, 02:38AM)
  • Heather Mueller: Just found out about these AWESOME stylish camera bags.....Love them all. I would LOVE the Stella Olive one. (17.07.12, 11:29AM)
  • Sara: I'd love one of the new backpack bags! (17.07.12, 12:52PM)
  • Jessica Butcher: The Stella in Plum!! (17.07.12, 01:23PM)
  • Lorena Mora: I love Epiphanie bags, they are so beautiful! Thank you so much for the giveaway, good luck everyone. (17.07.12, 01:37PM)
  • beth shaffer: LOVE these bags! The colors are amazing, especially the OLIVE! Want want want! (17.07.12, 07:06PM)
  • Amy Bollman: I blogged about your awesome giveaway! (18.07.12, 05:23AM)
  • Epiphanie Bag Giveaway « Pin It, Try It: [...] if you want to win one, check out this post by Tara Swain Photography!  The pictures are more eye candy and there are lots of chances to [...] (18.07.12, 11:32AM)
  • Robin: Epiphanie bags are so great! I would love to have the Clover bag in teal, it is so gorgeous!!! Thank you for this amazing giveaway :) (18.07.12, 05:59PM)
  • Tammy z: The lyric in Mustard would be so fun! (20.07.12, 12:49AM)
  • Dawn: Oh wow - I'd be happy with any of their bags, so beautiful! Would definitely love the mustard color!! (20.07.12, 02:51PM)
  • Mia Bjerring: It's so hard to choose just one bag, but I think I will choose the Lola in mustard! (21.07.12, 07:31AM)
  • Mia Bjerring: I blogged about the giveaway here: (21.07.12, 07:41AM)
  • Miss K: It's my dream to win the slate blue ginger bag! (21.07.12, 09:53AM)
  • Miss K: I also blogged about the giveaway. (21.07.12, 10:00AM)
  • Gay H.: I so would love to have the teal Clover bag! (21.07.12, 10:51AM)
  • Tatum Roth Photography: LOVE LOVE LOVE the mustard bag! (21.07.12, 01:15PM)
  • Alina Burton: Oh I hope I win! I have been window shopping for a new bag. (21.07.12, 01:23PM)
  • Abbey Bethmann: Olive Lyric (21.07.12, 01:36PM)
  • Abbey Bethmann: (21.07.12, 01:40PM)
  • Sarah Wamuhiu: I can't get the site to open but I would love any of the bags :) Probably in red or plum! (21.07.12, 02:00PM)
  • Andi: I think I'd choose the Lyric! (21.07.12, 02:03PM)
  • Alyson: I have been drooling over the Epiphanie camera bags. It's so nice to finally have some beautiful, feminine camera bags to choose from! (21.07.12, 02:42PM)
  • Tanya Phillips: The Ginger in Slate Blue for me! thanks! :) (21.07.12, 02:55PM)
  • Krista Browning: Stella in gray!!! (21.07.12, 04:40PM)
  • Raleigh Newborn Photographer Melissa Treen Photography: love the mustard yellow lyric! : ) (21.07.12, 04:58PM)
  • Marcia Massey: I am torn between the Lyric and the Lola in Mustard:) (21.07.12, 05:01PM)
  • Evelyn R: I love the London in black! (21.07.12, 05:08PM)
  • Carli R: Love this giveaway-thank you!!! Definitely would like the Ginger bag in Carmel :) (21.07.12, 05:17PM)
  • Jaime Herring: I would LOVE the clover grey or even the Stella plum!! These bags are awesome and I would be past excited to carry one!! You both ROCK!! (21.07.12, 05:26PM)
  • Ashley Dailey: Love the bags!!!! (21.07.12, 05:45PM)
  • Steve: I want it for a very good friend of mine... (21.07.12, 05:49PM)
  • Trina Plyler: I simply love the lyric in mustard. Makes me want to show it off. Love it!! (21.07.12, 06:01PM)
  • Mysti Wilcox: I love them all but leaning towards the Lyric bag :) (21.07.12, 06:24PM)
  • Meghan Glascock: These bags are so cute! Thanks for always having the best products on your blog! (21.07.12, 06:32PM)
  • amanda o'neill: i would SO love the pink lola. i drool over Epiphanie bags all the time!!! (21.07.12, 10:07PM)
  • Amy Patrick: Any of them would be wonderful! (21.07.12, 10:53PM)
  • Diane Miller: I just ordered a lyric bag in plum but would love the red clover bag as well. :-) There is no such thing as too many bags and these are gorgeous! (01.08.12, 11:18AM)
  • I wanna win! | Tara Swain Photography Giveaway »: [...] Head on over and check out the giveaway! [...] (15.01.13, 09:25PM)