Baby Mason


A few weeks ago we made a trip to Houston to meet baby Mason!! He was so tiny and so laid back! I told Q (Mason’s mommy) that he’s got to be one of the most laid back newborns I’ve ever seen. He cried once.. when it was time to eat.. thats it. The rest of the time he just kind of hung out and checked out what was going on. He slept a little, but when he was awake, he watched us.. and he never fussed. You’ll be seeing baby Mason and big brother Maddox even more because Q booked a baby plan. Here are just a few from his newborn session.

  • Emily Miranda: Love all his hats! sweet new baby :) (13.04.11, 11:57PM)
  • lillian: love love love the rabbit ear one!!! :) (18.04.11, 08:41PM)