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Welcome to the Blogsite

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris, Texas. (Northeast Texas.) If you're new, this is where I'll post some of my most recent weddings and sessions, as well as things that are going on in my life. Take a look around and visit the different links under the "about" section. I shoot on location as well as in my natural light studio, located right outside of Paris.

AboutTara Swain

Hi, I'm Tara! I love bright colors, a vintage, eclectic feel and whimsical concepts. My passion is child photography. I've been happily married since 2005 and we are blessed with a beautiful little girl, Briley Grace "Bear," and a "chubbalicious" little boy, Beau Isaac "Beau boy," who you will often read about on the blog.

2 months



My sweet chunk turned 2 months old last week. :( He has changed so much already and it’s just flying by!! We just love this sweet, smiley boy!!

IMG_002 IMG_003 IMG_004 IMG_005 IMG_006 IMG_007 IMG_008 IMG_009 IMG_010 IMG_011 IMG_012 IMG_013

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New Year



2014 was truly an amazing year for our little family, as well as my business. I believe this was my busiest year since I began in January of 2008. It was jam-packed with so many beautiful weddings, families, babies, kiddos, couples and seniors. But most importantly it was also the year we welcomed our sweet little boy into our family making us a family of 4. I started this post before the end of the year.. but clearly, it’s been a busy couple of months.. and I never got around to finishing it up or posting it until now.

As insanely busy as the year was, it was definitely trying at times. Dealing with the pregnancy during incredibly packed work weeks was difficult.. but also incredibly rewarding. As crazy as this year was, I enjoyed every minute of it and am looking forward to everything that 2015 is going to bring. :) With that being said, I WILL definitely be cutting back on my workload for the next year, so that I can have more time to enjoy Beau’s first year with my little family. I’ll still be taking on quite a bit.. however it will definitely be a cut back from my “normal” calendar. I do still have several new minis to announce and will be doing my usual Christmas and Fall Family minis as well.. but I’ll be taking more time off around this time next year as well. (Please keep this in mind for those who like to schedule family sessions or other types of sessions around the October, November or December months.) I’ll also be offering a little something different for the Christmas minis this year.. so keep a look out for that, I’ve already been ordering items to build something amazing for them and CANNOT WAIT to see it all finished!! These will be emailed out around late Spring, early Summer. :) If you aren’t already signed up to my email list, you can do so HERE. AND for the brides… I will also only be accepting about 4 more WEDDINGS for the year!!!!

The mini sessions that have been sent out on the email list have been booking quickly! Out of the 8 session that were announced in just the last month, 4 are COMPLETELY FULL (some filling up within 30-60 minutes!!) and there is only 1 SPOT EACH left for the 2nd annual ALL BOY and Farmers Market mini, 2 for the 2nd annual Hey Cupcake! minis and only a few left for the 80′s Baby minis!!! I WILL be announcing more over the next few months.. for the ones already announced you can check the Mini Session Page. But don’t forget to sign up for the email list so you don’t miss any of the new ones that will be coming out!

I want to thank each and everyone of my amazing clients who made this past year such a success. I can’t begin to explain how incredibly honored I am to be able to work with so many of the same families year after year. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and becoming great friends with so many of you. You all become part of our family as well. Seeing my baby plan babies grow up is always so heartbreaking.. but then getting them back again when they come back for milestone sessions for their baby brothers and sisters is probably my favorite part of the job… OR seeing my bride and grooms again after shooting their beautiful weddings, and getting to meet their perfect little miracles. :) Not only do I love all the familiar faces, but I always enjoy getting to meet new clients and then seeing them year after year as well. I appreciate each and every one of you and cannot wait to work with you all again this coming year.

I only decided about halfway through my maternity leave, about wanting to really cut back this next year.. so this Spring is going to be pretty hectic for me with the workload I already have scheduled, as well as Briley’s dance competitions. I’m currently booked through the end June. From that point on, I’ll be scheduling lighter.. so please make sure you contact me asap about scheduling full sessions, so that I can insure availability.

It’s hard to believe that this month marks 7 years of business. I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many AMAZING people and travel so many awesome places during that time. I’ve had clients turn into close family friends and I’ve enjoyed forming relationships with so many incredible people. I know that I truly am blessed to be able to do something I love so much and I look forward to what God has instore for the future of my business and for my family. AND to kick off the year with a blast… the TSP Facebook page just rolled over 17k fans!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Anxious to get back to work and get rolling on some new things.. but definitely going to miss the time off I’ve had with my babies. It went way too fast. I’ve been behind the iPhone more than my “big” camera most of my maternity leave… so a little look into the last month, courtesy of my iPhone. ;)

1013870_10154968173930128_7692970757739370620_n 1497676_10154924452515128_3678414561130401203_n 1513747_10154909596050128_2456555364608239769_n 10155171_10154962296920128_8470481500450292160_n 10398663_10154979458175128_1392998702683266112_n 10403193_10154924445210128_5332744655852004207_n 10641209_10154885451930128_1720487085396893940_n 10671446_10154968273910128_1483178432373882652_n 10847944_10154945580715128_7980213043067400520_n 10858517_10154924449000128_2523497996972955041_n 10868005_10154964840405128_5757709834749686620_n 10881721_10155003687095128_6742742205764406611_n 10885039_10154963617175128_7250577965612072881_n 10885099_10154961892980128_2442744759050304523_n 10885233_10155000531410128_1088247460844925303_n 10885397_10155011782600128_1059962408844569155_n 10885471_10154968239835128_2754674096216178401_n 10891610_10155024465240128_1369792923095267936_n 10891691_10155047096440128_962977104016771144_n 10891703_10155024454165128_7190293761232912892_n 10897081_10155081266755128_6416081122718396631_n 10923648_10155042656665128_8138832066598303969_n 10929970_10155092688140128_7585954228844707007_n 10931240_10155089815895128_208441579953330660_n 10933928_10155089329465128_4665282226103669316_n IMG_2304 IMG_2995 IMG_4445 IMG_5964 IMG_6704 IMG_7383 IMG_9830 IMG_2428 IMG_5482 IMG_5490 IMG_7004 IMG_7302 IMG_8874 IMG_9011 IMG_9025 IMG_9537 1 IMG_0542 IMG_0561 IMG_0567-1 IMG_0668 IMG_0669

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This girl has hair and eye lashes to die for. I’ve never seen eye lashes like hers on a newborn before. They are unbelievable. I’m sure she’ll be as beautiful as her sweet mama and she already has both mama and daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger. ;) For a baby that was prayed for, for so long, she was definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to watch this little beauty grow up… and I REALLY can’t wait to see what this head of hair looks like at her 1 year session. ;) A few favorites from her newborn session for now. Introducing baby Kaylee!!

BLOG_002 BLOG_003 BLOG_004 BLOG_005 BLOG_006 BLOG_007 BLOG_008 BLOG_009 BLOG_010 BLOG_011 BLOG_012 BLOG_013 BLOG_014 BLOG_015 BLOG_016 BLOG_017 BLOG_018 BLOG_019 BLOG_020 BLOG_021 BLOG_022 BLOG_023 BLOG_024 BLOG_025 BLOG_026 BLOG_027 BLOG_028 BLOG_029 BLOG_030 BLOG_031 BLOG_032 BLOG_033 BLOG_034 BLOG_035 BLOG_036 BLOG_037 BLOG_038 BLOG_039 BLOG_040 BLOG_041

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